Honor | Respect | Humility


Founded on September 22, 2006 ELITE TACTICAL SOLDIERS is a multi-platform clan/guild/outfit with a focus on online shooters (Battlefield, World of Tanks, Planetside, The Division, Destiny, etc.). Our group is founded based on Fellowship, Integrity, Strength, and Teamwork.



Fellowship: We are a tight-knit group who shares a common interest and mindset when it comes to gaming. We draw upon similar ideals when approaching gameplay, the community and how we represent each other when wearing the clan tag.



Integrity: Never cheat. Never glitch. Always take the high road. ELITE TACTICAL members will never use a game-breaking glitch to gain an unfair advantage and will always take the high road when drama rears its head. We are a mature group of gamers and we show it through integrity.



Strength: We draw strength from our core members. They provide us with an active website, clan events to participate in and a fantastic environment to be a part of. ELITE TACTICAL has been around for a long time and thanks to our strengths, we will be here for a long time to come.



Teamwork: With our roots firmly planted in tactical realism, ELITE TACTICAL will provide players with a level of teamwork they will not experience in the average gaming clan. We have a history of successful competitive squads in multiple games. We place extremely high value on teamwork while in game and it shows, as we dominate the competition.

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